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While you’re positioning yourself for retirement or prepping for your next great business venture – Oil Changers is expanding. Consider selling your oil change shop to experienced and trusted industry leaders known for their focus on community, culture, and quality. Contact CEO Eric Frankenberger and VP of Corporate Development Jamie Scerbo today to discuss selling your business!


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Oil Changers is the West Coast leading and largest independent oil and lube business, with 70+ locations currently spanning California, Texas and Hawai’i. We understand the decision to sell your oil change shop is a difficult one to make. You’ll always be treated fairly and professionally when working with our team.
  • 36 successful years of business
  • Simple, adaptable business models that work
  • Excellent training, benefits, and programs for employees
  • Trusted reputation in the communities we serve
  • Top of the line environmental and safety procedures
  • We’re the best at what we do!
former owner of express lube
“It took 15 years to build Davisville Express Lube in Davis’ “Best Oil Change ” and the business was running well- However, it was time. After 20 plus years as a Pilot for United Airlines flying out of San Francisco and running Davisville on the side it was time to step back and consider simplifying my life. The Oil Changers call came out of the blue on a warm August afternoon. They talked and I listened.  We sketched out some basic terms for both our business and our property. The terms were fair, very fair. By the late fall we had a letter of Intent and in early 2021 we were in negotiations on an asset purchase agreement. We closed on the business and the property in the early spring. I couldn’t be happier! Eric their CEO and his team were fantastic to work with! The price we agreed upon was more than fair and I felt good about the deal and how much easier my life would be. Oil Changers took great care of our employees. They guaranteed their jobs and pay. Plus they offered benefits that we weren’t able to offer. I felt the team we had at Davisville was in good hands with the Oil Changers.”


Oil Changers offers a refreshing store design with eye-catching colors and high-quality standards. Additionally, many of our successful stores are lube & car wash centers. If your lube shop has a car wash component, we’re prepared to guide you through the selling process!
Lube and car wash center

Sell Your Oil Change Shop



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