Providing comprehensive care to your vehicle with our buy-more-save-more Power Program

Necessary maintenance services, done in 15 minutes while you wait in your car… and we’re more affordable than the dealership.

Our vehicles need a variety of fluid services throughout their lifetime to stay running strong. Oil Changers provides more than just oil changes with the convenience of speed and stay-in-your-car service. The Oil Changers Power Program allows our guests to bundle some of our most requested services and save money and time. Oil Changers’ services are already competitively priced against competitors and the dealership, but the Power Program sweetens the deal even more. Learn more by reading below or visit our blog.

Services included in the Power program:

  • Transmission Service
  • Fuel System Service / AIC
  • Coolant Exchange
  • Gear Box Service
  • Power Steering
  • Brake Fluid Exchange ( +Repair locations only)

* Our six Oil Changers + Repair locations are located in the Austin TX area.

Savings per service bundle:

  • Any 1 service, no discount
  • Any 2 services, $20 off
  • Any 3 services, $40 off
  • Any 4 services, $60 off
  • Any 5 services, $80 off

An oil change isn’t eligible to count as one service toward your Power bundle. However, if you also get an oil change during your service, you are welcome to use an oil change specific coupon on top of the savings from the Power bundle!

Average prices of services:

  • Transmission Service – $154.99
  • Fuel System Service / AIC – $109.99
  • Coolant Exchange – $109.99
  • Gear Box Service – $84.99 to $104.99
  • Power Steering – $84.99
  • Brake Fluid Exchange ( +Repair locations only) – $129.99

* Service prices can vary slightly by vehicle type and locations in continental US vs. Hawaiian islands. Feel free to call your store for an exact price of your vehicle ahead of your visit.

Don’t Forget Your Full-Service Oil Change

Full-Service Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Regular, timely oil changes are one of the best ways to care for your car! Our semi-synthetic blend oil cleans your engine and keeps it running optimally for longer engine life. Full-Service Oil Changes include all of the above add-ons and are typically performed in 15 minutes or less.

Please note Oil Changers does not carry conventional oil.

Full-Service Full-Synthetic Oil Change

Your engine may require the use of Full-Synthetic Oil as recommended by your manufacturer. Full-Synthetic is the purest Synthetic Oil available and allows you to go longer in between oil changes due to special additives while offering the most protection possible for your vehicle’s engine.

More information on the services included in the Power Program

Read below or click here for more information on the services we offer at Oil Changers.

Most vehicles have a hydraulic power steering system. When working properly, the power steering system makes turning easy while still providing the proper amount of road feel for the driver. On average, a vehicle might need a power steering fluid exchange every 40,000 to 80,000 miles but we always recommend checking with your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Power steering fluid exchanges (sometimes referred to as Power Steering Flushes) are a necessary addition to your vehicle’s routine maintenance. Come see Oil Changers for a fast (15 minutes) and affordable power steering fluid exchange!

Ever wondered what the gage on your dash meant? Too hot, too cold.. what?! Let us help break it down. The cooling system in your vehicle works to regulate heat produced throughout the engine. A coolant fluid exchange will remove old antifreeze and coolant from your system and replace with fresh coolant. At Oil Changers, you can get a coolant fluid exchange in just 15 minutes while you wait in the comfort of your car!


Not sure how often to replace your coolant? You can check your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations or have your Oil Changers technician test your fluid for you. Some vehicles suggest every 30,000 miles and others can go up to five years between flushes – it depends on your specific vehicle but is a necessary service to stay weary of!

Changing the gearbox fluid helps keep mechanical parts well lubricated, helps guard against bearing and gear failure, prevents abnormal wear, and keeps gearboxes from overheating. Changing this fluid according to your manufacturers’ recommendations will extend the gearbox lifespan. Let Oil Changers change your gearbox fluid to keep your engine in tip-top shape.

Brake fluid is a critical fluid for your vehicle’s brake system performance, and needs replaced when it gets low or old according your manufacturer recommendations. Most vehicles require this fluid exchange every 40,000 to 60,000 miles.

Let Oil Changers change your automatic transmission fluid to keep your engine healthy. Like other fluids in your vehicle, the automatic transmission fluid breaks down from temperature, usage, and time, and should be periodically replaced.

Over time, deposits of carbon and dirt can build up on crucial engine parts in the fuel and intake systems. This can have a negative effect on engine performance. Our two-stage Fuel System Service cleans and refreshes the fuel system, intake manifold, and combustion chamber. We recommend regular Fuel Systems Service to maintain cleaner emissions, a smoother idle, and better gas mileage.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Have questions regarding our Power Program or any services we offer? Send an email directly to our team and we’ll respond within a day.