The below services are offered at our Austin, Texas service locations. We do not require appointments and operate on a first-come, first-service basis. Please feel free to give us a call to check wait times and we will always work to accommodate you!

During the heat of the summer, your car air conditioner will receive a lot of use and over time AC fittings will loosen and parts wear out. Regular maintenance on your AC system will keep it performing the way it should! Our technicians will identify the problem with your system and repair your AC so you can drive in comfort.

Did you know that our ASE certified technicians at ServiceONE Automotive are experts in providing brake checks and repairs? At ServiceONE Automotive, we want you to be confident in your brakes so that you can drive easy, knowing you and your family are safe on the road. Properly working brakes are essential to vehicle safety and reliability. Our ASE certified technicians are specially trained to maintain, repair and replace your brake system to help ensure that they are working as efficiently and effectively as originally designed.

All Texas registered vehicles are required to receive an annual state inspection. Your vehicle will be checked to determine if it passes inspection based on the Texas state guidelines and recommendations provided to bring the vehicle into compliance. Each state inspection service includes a comprehensive safety inspection as well as an emissions test depending on the model year of your vehicle and the county your vehicle is registered. Diesel powered vehicles and motorcycles are exempt from the emissions test and are required to only have the annual safety inspection.

High mileage motor oil includes additives that can extend your engine’s life by reducing oil burn-off and consumption, revitalizing seals and gaskets, improving anti-wear protection, reducing engine deposits, increasing power, and fuel economy. High mileage motor oils are recommended for all vehicles with more than 75,000 miles.

Every full-service oil change includes inspection and top-off of power steering fluid. Most vehicles have a hydraulic power steering system. When working properly, the power steering system makes turning easy while still providing the proper amount of road feel for the driver.

We inspect and top-off the automatic transmission fluid, and visually inspect these units for signs of leaks. The automatic transmission receives power from the motor, regulates the output based on the vehicle’s needs, and automatically changes gear ratios based on the RPM and speed of the vehicle. The fluid keeps operating parts well lubricated, transmits torque, provides pressure to operate hydraulic valves, and assists in cooling.

We visually inspect gearboxes and check fluids upon request. The type and number of different gearboxes in your vehicle can vary based on the drive-train.

We check cooling system fluid levels with every full-service oil change. Many of today’s engines are liquid or ‘water’ cooled. Typically, coolant or anti-freeze is mixed with water to help prevent damage to the cooling system and engine. The cooling system works best when the coolant is diluted based on the recommended ratio set by the vehicle manufacturer.

Let Oil Changers maintain your cabin air filter to keep your HVAC system working well. We inspect it with every full-service oil change. A clean filter can trap almost all of the airborne contaminants before they enter the cabin. A dirty cabin air filter can circulate dust, pollen, and bacteria around the cabin, affecting passengers and adding stress to the HVAC system.

We inspect the condition of your wiper blades at each full-service oil change and provide replacement services upon request. All Oil Changers locations stock front and rear replacement blades for most vehicles.

The timing belt / chain service on a vehicle maintains crankshaft-to-camshaft synchronization so that the engine’s valves open and close at the proper times during each cylinder’s intake and exhaust strokes, keeping valve operation matched to piston position. This causes the fuel to ignite in the combustion chamber and during this explosion, the valves push the pistons down. On some engines, the timing belt/chain also drives other critical components such as the oil pump, water pump and balance shafts. When the timing belt is neglected and breaks, all the components that are driven by the belt fail and can cause major internal engine damage. Unfortunately, there are no obvious signs the timing belt is near the end of its life; it will just break. Check your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations to see when the timing belt is recommended to be serviced.

Beyond providing a comfortable and enjoyable ride, your vehicle’s suspension, coil springs, linkage, shock absorbers and struts help make sure your vehicle’s handling is in control, safe and secure. These vital components also help support your vehicle’s weight while keeping your tires in contact with the road. As these components begin to wear, they lose their ability to control your vehicle’s lean and provide tire grip/adhesion when encountering uneven roads. The loss of stability and control can compromise the safety of your vehicle and passengers. Let the team at ServiceOne Automotive service your suspension, shocks, & struts today.

Today’s bumpy roads and overgrown potholes can cause the alignment on your vehicle to be compromised, causing it to pull to the left or right rather than driving in a straight line. This condition can lead to uneven and premature tire wear and a reduction in gas mileage. However, just because your car drives in a straight line does NOT mean you’re in the clear. In many cases, a camber issue will cause a pull but a toe issue may not. In addition, if your vehicle’s steering wheel is not centered when you’re driving straight, you may have an alignment problem which is not only a nuisance to your driving comfort, but a bigger problem for your tires and suspension system. Stop by ServiceONE Automotive for an alignment service check so one of our ASE Certified technicians can help identify problems before they become severe and expensive. ServiceONE Automotive has the latest and greatest computerized alignment machines and software so that our expert technicians can correct alignments to their original manufacturer specifications.

Today’s engines are highly advanced and require proper maintenance and regularly scheduled tune-ups. Did you know that fixing an out-of-tune engine can give you better gas mileage by an average of $0.16 per gallon? That’s a lot of money you can save over a couple of years and 50,000 miles of driving. Normal vehicle wear and tear and usage causes various parts of your engine to lose their efficiency because of the extreme temperatures and vibration they operate under. Clogged fuel injectors, dirty air and fuel filters, and corroded spark plugs can all decrease engine performance and contribute to decreased gas mileage and operation. Regular tune-ups help maintain vehicle safety and performance by ensuring these worn, vital parts are replaced with new parts to keep your vehicle operating at maximum efficiency. Let the team at ServiceOne Automotive provide your vehicles tune up today.

Like most fluids in your vehicle, brake fluid has a recommended service interval as well. Components like the rubber in the valves in the master cylinder, callipers and wheel cylinders deteriorate over time and the debris ends up in your brake fluid. The brake fluid begins to break down and become contaminated causing excessive moisture and rust in the braking system. This heat and moisture causes corrosion and oxidation on your vehicle’s brake components which could result in brake failure. A brake system flush keeps your vehicle’s brakes operating smoothly.

We recommend this service if your oil change is past due, your oil appears excessively dirty, or if you just purchased a used car. Oil system cleaning resolves residue and sludge. Engine sludge is caused by a combination of heat, friction, water, dirt, unburned fuel, and other contaminants causing the oil to oxidize. Sludge, if not treated, will increase engine temperatures, which can result in premature engine failure. Using an oil system cleaner eliminates the buildup of sludge in your engine before adding fresh oil.

Our premium oil filters are designed to meet or exceed your vehicle’s manufacturer specifications and requirements. Oil filters remove contaminants such as sand, dirt, and metal to prevent damage to sensitive oil parts. A clean oil filter does this job without offering too much resistance to the flow of oil through the engine.

Oil Changers can change the fluid in your power steering system to help prolong the life of seals and other key components. Like other fluids in your vehicle, the power steering fluid breaks down due to temperature, usage and time, and should be replaced periodically.

Let Oil Changers change your automatic transmission fluid to keep your engine healthy. Like other fluids in your vehicle, the automatic transmission fluid breaks down from temperature, usage, and time, and should be periodically replaced.

Changing the gearbox fluid helps keep mechanical parts well lubricated, helps guard against bearing and gear failure, prevents abnormal wear, and keeps gearboxes from overheating. Changing this fluid according to your manufacturers’ recommendations will extend the gearbox lifespan. Let Oil Changers change your gearbox fluid to keep your engine in tip-top shape.

We inspect the engine air filter with each full-service oil change. Our recommendations for replacing engine air filters are based on the condition of the air filter along with your current mileage. The function of the engine air filter is to clean the high volume of air that passes into the fuel injection system. A dirty or damaged air filter restricts the intake airflow and negatively affects engine performance. A clean air filter will improve gas mileage and horsepower. If you have noticed a gradual drop in fuel mileage it could be an indication that the air filter should be replaced.

All Oil Changers locations are Certified Collection centers. Bring your used motor oil to any store for responsible disposal.

Over time, deposits of carbon and dirt can build up on crucial engine parts in the fuel and intake systems. This can have a negative effect on engine performance. Our two-stage Fuel System Service cleans and refreshes the fuel system, intake manifold, and combustion chamber. We recommend regular Fuel Systems Service to maintain cleaner emissions, a smoother idle, and better gas mileage.

The performance of your engine, alternator, starter and electrical systems depend on the battery. High engine temperatures, vehicle vibrations, and extreme cold/hot climate conditions can damage and prematurely wear the internal components of the battery, thus affecting its life expectancy. If the battery fails, so does everything else.

Each tire on your vehicle wears differently, depending on their position on your vehicle, your personal driving style, your vehicle’s weight distribution and performance characteristics. Front tires tend to wear more quickly than rear tires because of steering and cornering forces and the difference in weight on the front tires. Rotating the position of your tires promotes even tread wear and will help you get the most miles out of your tires, best traction and improved driving safety.

Fast and Affordable Full Service Oil Change

Full-Service Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Regular, timely oil changes are one of the best ways to care for your car! Our semi-synthetic blend oil cleans your engine and keeps it running optimally for longer engine life. Full-Service Oil Changes include all of the above add-ons and are typically performed in 15 minutes or less.

Please note Oil Changers does not carry conventional oil.

Full-Service Full-Synthetic Oil Change

Your engine may require the use of Full-Synthetic Oil as recommended by your manufacturer. Full-Synthetic is the purest Synthetic Oil available and allows you to go longer in between oil changes due to special additives while offering the most protection possible for your vehicle’s engine.

We provide:

  • Up to 5 quarts of Kendall Motor Oil*
  • New oil filter installation*
  • Reset oil change reminder (most vehicles)
  • Wash windshield
  • Under-hood visual inspection
  • Under-vehicle visual inspection
  • Lubricate chassis when applicable
  • Free top-offs for 3 months or 3,000 miles (specialty oils, full-synthetic oil excluded)

* Additional charges include but are not limited to: more than 5 quarts of oil, oil and filter up-charges, skid plate, and engine cover removal.

We check and adjust:

  • Power steering fluid
  • Battery
  • Automatic transmission (under hood dipstick models)
  • Tire pressure
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Differentials**
  • Transfer case**
  • Manual transmissions or non-dipstick automatic**

** Fluid levels checked upon customer request. Based on accessibility.

We inspect and advise:

  • Air filter
  • Cabin air filter
  • Head lights & tail lights
  • Wiper blades
  • Cooling system (overflow reservoir when available)
  • Serpentine belt

6 Repair Locations near Austin, TX to Serve You

We do not accept appointment requests for Oil Changes or State Inspections, but do for larger repair services! Please call the location to schedule your time.

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