2022 Oil Changers Price List

Oil Changers remains committed to up-front and honest pricing. That’s why we list the full-service oil change price right here on our website for all to see. While we strive to maintain transparency in our pricing, there are many variants when it comes to your vehicle. Please note the below prices explain baseline charges and may vary based on your vehicle or your preferences. You can always call your local store for an individual quote or drive up for an explanation of everything included in our full-service oil change price before we begin service.

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Most Full-Service Oil Changes take just 15 minutes for our team to complete.

We provide and include:

  • Up to 5 quarts of Kendall Motor Oil*
  • New oil filter installation*
  • Reset oil change reminder (most vehicles)
  • Wash windshield
  • Under-hood visual inspection
  • Under-vehicle visual inspection
  • Lubricate chassis when applicable

* Additional charges include but are not limited to: more than 5 quarts of oil, oil and filter up-charges, skid plate, and engine cover removal.

We check and adjust:

  • Power steering fluid
  • Battery
  • Automatic transmission (under hood dipstick models)
  • Tire pressure
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Differentials**
  • Transfer case**
  • Manual transmissions or non-dipstick automatic**

** Fluid levels checked upon customer request. Based on accessibility.

We inspect and advise:

  • Air filter
  • Cabin air filter
  • Head lights & tail lights
  • Wiper blades
  • Cooling system (overflow reservoir when available)
  • Serpentine belt

Full-Service Oil Change Price

Full-Service Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Starting at  $46.99+ (TX, WI), $52.99+ (CA, HI, OR)

Regular, timely oil changes are one of the best ways to care for your car! Our standard oil change includes all of the above items while you wait in the comfort of your vehicle. Price ranges from $43.99 to $58.99 based on your location. 

Additional charges may apply*.

Full-Service Full-Synthetic Oil Change

Starting at  $78.99 (TX, WI), $85.99+ (CA, HI, OR)

Your engine may require the use of Full-Synthetic Oil. Full-Synthetic provides further engine protection and allows you to go longer in between oil changes. Price ranges from $75.99 to $91.99 based on your location.

Additional charges may apply*.

Coolant Flush

Coolant makes sure your engine does just that – stays cool! Coolant Flushes are recommended at least once a year to remove dirt build-up.  Help keep your cooling system is running efficiently! – $99.99 up to 8 quarts

Oil System Cleaner

Cleans engine passageways of dirt, deposits, and sludge – $18.99 & up

Power Steering Flush

Recommended every 30-75,000 miles, Power Steering Flushes keep your power steering pump healthy and operating smoothly. If you’re having difficulty steering your vehicle, come see us for a flush! – $74.99 & up

High-Mileage Oil Additive

Special additive for any vehicles with more than 75,000 miles – $19.99 & up

Fuel System Service

An Advanced Intake Cleaner or Fuel System Service is a two-part Engine Decarbonization service. Your vehicle’s fuel system is a crucial component of fuel efficiency, and keeping it clean helps keep your MPGs high! Recommended every 2 years or 30,000 miles. – $89.99 & up

Gas Treatment

Great for all vehicles and recommended every 10th fuel fill-up – $14.99 & up

Serpentine Belt

Belt change with 4 year or 40,000 mile warranty – $79.99 with additional belts starting at $40.00

Cabin Air Filter

This air filter keeps the air circulating inside of your car clean and dust-free – $39.99 & up

Transmission (2WD & 4WD) / Transaxle (4WD & AWD) Services

Manual Fluid Exchange to rid the system of dirt and deposits – $69.99 & up

Automatic Fluid drained and filled (up to 4 qts) – $99.99 & up

Automatic/Full-Service Machine service through dipstick (up to 8 qts) – $139.99 & up

CVT Fluid drained and filled (up to 5 qts) – $189.99 & up

Gear Boxes (RWD, FWD, AWD) Services**

Differential ‘Regular’ (limited slip)  – $69.99 & up

Differential ‘Synthetic’ (limited slip) – $99.99 & up

Transfer Case fluid exchange for standard fluid – $69.99 & up

A La Carte Items

Air Filter – $10.99 & up

Fuel Filter – $54.99 & up

Wiper Blades – $7.99 & up each

Skid Plate or Engine Cover Charge – $5.00 and up

Drain Plug – $3.99 & up

Canister Cap – $15.99 & up

DEF Fluid – $6.99 & up per gallon

Lube Only – $13.99 and up

Bringing your own oil and filter?

Oil Change with own Oil & Filter: $38.99 – $42.99+ depending on location

Oil Change with own Oil only: $40.99 – $44.99 depending on location

Oil Change with own Filter only: $43.99 – $47.99 depending on location

*Additional charges include but are not limited to: more than 5 quarts of oil, oil and filter up-charges, skid plate, engine cover removal, and any relevant oil surcharges.

**Some heavy-duty differentials require an additional tube of Limited Slip at $5 per bottle. Additional charges apply for Honda Dual Pump, Honda Manual Trans Fluid, and VTM04 Fluid.