Follow along as we compete in the Great Race… If we win, YOU WIN!

Follow along as we compete in the Great Race... If we win, YOU WIN!

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Great Race 2021 Map

Our Race Car 

Our 2021 Great Race 1941 Ford race car

Oil Changers will race in the 1941 Ford Pick Up

Driver: Eric Frankenberger (President of Oil Changers)

Navigator: Aaron Reed

Mechanic: Tony Campbell

History: No stranger to the scenic state highways, Eric and the 1941 Ford took home 1st Place in Rookie Class in the 2016 Great Race.

Come see us! Click here for a full calendar of chances to catch the race along its route.

More Detail

What is the Great Race?

What is the Great Race? 

The Great Race is an antique, vintage, and collector car competitive controlled-speed endurance road rally on public highways. It is not a test of top speed. It is a test of a driver/navigator team’s ability to follow precise course instructions and the car’s ability to endure on a cross-country trip. The course instructions require the competing teams to drive at or below the posted speed limits at all times.

How does it work?

Each day the driver and navigator team receives a set of course instructions that indicate every turn, speed change, stop, and start that the team must make throughout the day (usually 220 to 250 such instructions per day). Along the course route, there will be from 4 to 7 checkpoints recording the exact time that the team passes that point. The objective is to arrive at each checkpoint at the correct time, not the fastest. The score for each team is the result of the team’s ability to follow the designated course instructions precisely.